19.Apr.2014 Why Motorhome Holidays Rock

The real appeal of a motorhome holiday is that it is different, different to any holiday you will have had before. We see couples who like to rent small motorhomes and set off not having a clue where they are going. Which is great isn’t it? Is this a good way to start a holiday? Having no plan whatsoever? Possibly not, but really, who cares? It’s so easy to book your motorhome hire holiday using the internet or even the phone! We often like to say that your holiday starts the moment you turn the ignition key, how many other holidays can you say that about?.

Unless you are loaded with cash the chances are that you will never own your own motorhome. It’s a sad fact that because there is a lot more to motorhome than there is to a car, they are incredibly expensive. Campervan holidays can be had quite cheaply though, if you decide to hire a motorhome. All you need to concern yourself with is enjoying yourself, you can merrily forget about all the insurance, tax and finance.

In recent years we have seen many hire firms build their fleet from vehicles they rent out for their owners, i.e. the hire firm doesn’t own them at all. This means that the correct insurance can be bought cheaper than the owner could ever get it for, because the company is buying multiple policies. This does bring up a quality control issue, because the hire company does not always have proper access to the motorhome. As the motorhome passes from one hirer to another, faults may not be spotted.

We have all seen private motorhome owners trying to rent out their vehicles. This is usually done by adding the client to the owners own personal insurance. In almost all circumstances this is illegal and will cause your insurance to be invalid. You would never do this with car hire, so you certainly wouldn’t with a motorhome

For those who are thinking about the cold in cold countries or campervanning at winter time, don’t worry. Nearly every motorhome built in the last 10 years or so has an excellent heating system. Diesel heaters are a slightly more modern innovation and are highly thought of. The newer Chausson range of motorhomes use this diesel system of heating and it does work very well. In a Chausson, just set the temperature on the thermostat and relax in your cozy motorhome. You might like to read about my friends motorhome trip to Italy in the winter of 2014. Skiing on a motorhome holiday? Oh yes!

Newer motorhomes such as the Chausson Flash 02 have excellent insulation in the caravan part of them, so you won’t freeze to death in the winter and won’t roast in the summer. Even if you are cruising across to Naples in August you can still keep cool with the vehicles air conditioning. Double glazing and an efficient insulated construction mean that it is easy to maintain a constant temperature inside the motorhome.

Now you are a bit more enlightened about the entire subject – are you going to try it? Perhaps you would rather be in a hotel. Well do that if that is what you want, but I’m going to be off in my motorhome soon. Having a motorhome holiday really is a way to meet new people, see things you have never seen before and just go where your heart takes you. I really hope that you will take your next trip in a motorhome. If you do, I might accidentally bump into you at my favourite camp site in Spain. That would be bizarre, but in the same way I may wake up parked next to you in a car park in The Lakes. Will you have the best time ever? I’m sure you will!